The Cleanse Bar

Naturopathic Remedies
For Healthy Living

By Jennie Phui

While feeling good often starts with one’s appearance, we at 2 Minute Wrinkle believe true, everlasting beauty can only found inside of us.


Through this blog, I am dedicated to sharing all sorts of health, diet, fitness and mindful tips that have helped me and many others enhance both inner and outer beauty, leading to a level of happiness and fulfillment that can simply be summarized as a blissful state of mind.


While it might seem difficult, if not impossible to achieve this, over my lifetime, I have seen miracles come from good health, mindful thinking and especially my lifelong study of nature where all the answers we seek truly reside.


I thank you for visiting this part of our site and look forward to sharing my many ideas to come. Should you feel compelled to follow me, please subscribe to my newsletter or follow me here:



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