Our Story

Most people want to look as good as they possibly can, including us, but how we got here may be somewhat of a surprise.

On the outside, things appeared to be going just fine - good career, close family, solid friends and a fantastic girlfriend certainly helped but beneath the surface, constant reflections of broken dreams and a handful of regrets created dark, stormy clouds above.

Following seemingly wherever I went and exhausted from living in their shadows, I finally committed myself to doing something about them.

Some find light from loved ones, friends, work, relocation, therapy, extended getaways or other means. For myself, although over time I tried some of the above and felt varying degrees of improvement, I found my strongest initial light by working hard to at least appear as if I was in a better place.

After all, as the ‘ol saying goes, if I could look better, I figured I’d feel better.

What started with occasional trips to the gym soon became somewhat of an obsession. Daily workouts shed pounds, a gradual shift towards a plant-based diet helped and an updated wardrobe was welcomed to match a lighter body.

But with age, there’s only so much one can do, especially when it comes to improving things such as aging skin.

Although in a million years I never thought I’d remotely consider using any sort of wrinkle reducer, one random day, my girlfriend purchased a product that promised to reduce aging lines, especially around the eyes.

Later at home, she applied it and although she’s half my size, she’s also twice as strong as me so I wound up giving in but the thing did neither of us any good.

Over time, a handful of other anti-wrinkle products were purchased, only to find they were either far too expensive, took seemingly forever to act, didn’t work at all or required at least some level of injection or surgery, none of which was appealing.

In the category of non-invasive, fast-acting wrinkle removers, results were equally as disappointing in that products were often loaded with chemicals, some left the skin dry with noticeable flakiness and in more than a few instances, crusty white residue formed as the product dried.

Inspired to find a better solution, I turned to a lifelong close friend who had considerable experience in skin care development and it was there we collectively found ourselves on a completely unexpected journey to develop a fast-acting wrinkle reducer using as many natural ingredients as possible.

After countless attempts to improve results, we finally found it here where we now share our 2 Minute Instant Wrinkle Reducer formula of success.

Ironically, although overall appearance certainly improved, what I soon realized was my journey away from those dark clouds had really just begun. True, my appearance might have greatly improved but all that effort ultimately accomplished was doing a better job of hiding the clouds within. Still, I found they continued to swirl and circle within, casting shadows over my mind in unanticipated and unwelcomed ways.

Figuring I had already tried clearing the weather by improving appearance, I realized I had nowhere else to turn but into the scariest place of all: the inside of me.

Through meditation, endless books, philosophy, studying worldly beliefs - Zen, Buddhism, you name it - and a variety of other deeply satisfying mindful ventures, after much effort, I finally broke through and discovered the true secret of finding genuine, authentic and lasting light has little to do with one’s looks but much more about the way one feels on the inside.


Cliche, yes, but a message so very often missed.


As Albert Einstein once did actually say, “You cannot fix any problem with the same consciousness that started it in the first place.”


From my successful and continued journey that has now literally led to drastically changing the way I think, I hope you too will be inspired to look deep inside yourself to find your true light but knowing where my journey began, I am well aware that for many including myself, it often helps to kick-start the process by looking as good as you possibly can.


That is what our product is about and that is why we remain genuinely passionate about what can develop from using it.


Of course, if none of this resonates and you merely want to just try our Wrinkle Reducer without taking into account all these reflections, go for it! 


So, whether it’s questions about our product or more meaningful things such as healthy living, fitness, plant-based diets, meditation or other things that have assisted my journey, feel free to contact me to learn more about what’s helped get me to this place you’re now seeing here: this early morning sun and selfie taken the moment I finally found and felt a bright blue sky within. 

In closing, on behalf of myself, my partner and everyone at our company, we sincerely appreciate you considering our product and wish you your own bright sky filled with nothing but lasting light to follow you on your journey ahead.