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100% real customers reporting real results.

100% real customers reporting real results.


“Looks like I have done some injections. You can also apply make up on top of it. Incredible! Sold!”



“It worked so well for me and my wrinkles, literally works like magic. 10 out of 10, we highly recommend!”


“That’s crazy! I feel like I just dabbed 10 years off my life. I’m SO excited! The difference is astounding! This is a keeper!”


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There is no magic here, just real results.

• We use Acetyl Hexapeptide, combined with grape seed and other essential oils, Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti aging peptides such as Argirelene that all combine with silicate minerals from shale clay to tighten and tone the skin.

• We use a proprietary blend of best in class ingredients that maximize short term efficacy and the appearance of wrinkle reduction while promoting long term skin health.

• This invisible layer visibly tightens wrinkles surrounding your eyes in mere minutes.

• 2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer smooths skin surrounding under-eye bags making them contract from view in minutes.

• Although 2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer is not permanent, based on reviews from our many customers, we believe you’ll love the way you will look two minutes after applying.

• The 2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer embodies the best elements of cosmetic makeup and anti aging skin care.

Try it, Risk Free

No questions asked! We’re so confident about our formula that we offer a full money back, no questions asked guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with results, anytime within 30 days of receipt, simply return your order and we’ll refund your full amount, including cost to ship (shipping receipt required)!

Is 2 Minute Instant Wrinkle Reducer Right for Me?

We partnered with a USA based, CGMP certified (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), elite lab, to create this first-of-its-kind formula. A single application provides:  

  • Reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing of under eye bags
  • Visibly diminished dark circles
  • Long term skin maintenance benefits including toning of the skin
  • Visibly tightened and lifted crow’s feet and wrinkles surrounding eyes
  • Hours of satisfaction from one application

All of these benefits sound good to you? We want you to know the 2 Minute Instant Wrinkle reduction effect is not permanent but you’ll love the way you look after the first application and all others to follow. The 2 Minute Wrinkle Reducer is a must-add to your routine (and remember, you’ll get a FREE 30-Day Supply when you order right now)!

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Ruth G.

The difference is absolutely astounding. Never seen anything like this before! Amazing product!

Kari S.

It’s awesome - great job covering up not only eye issues but some lines in my foreheads as well. Worth it and I do mean it. Tried everything and this delivers what they say. Thank you for finding an inexpensive way to help.

Jodi S.

I tried other things like this but they were a total waste. Surprisingly, 2 minute wrinkle reducer worked just fine. Just don’t expect it will last for very long, you have to reapply it every few hours. For < $50 it’s very worth it to look a little younger.

Gloria W.

Don’t normally post a review given Im not so good with computers but I do think it’s worth it. Actually did very well for me. Buying a few more, a genuinely wonderful product.

David T.

I seriously doubted this would ever work but never seen anything like it. Thought gimmick product but It actually works pretty well, Surprisingly good

Sarah M.

Lol! Couldn’t believe it but the thing actually does what they say it does! Good purchase!

Louis H.

Really really works! It actually works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer help my skin?
The 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature aging in 2 minutes or less. Its effects generally last for 4-10 hours. It is a phenomenal short term solution (and the product can be liberally reapplied), but is not a permanent solution.
Is the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer safe for all ages?
Yes. People of all ages have enjoyed success with the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer. Because the formula does not contain steroids, it does not adversely affect teenagers or adolescents. If you have concerns about making the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer a part of your anti-aging regiment, consult a health care professional.
What are the functions of the key ingredients in the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer?

Each tube of 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer contains minerals, anti aging peptides, essential oils and antioxidants to help tighten and smooth the skin and promote anti aging.

  • Silicates and minerals to tighten the skin
  • Acetyl hexapeptide: “Natural Botox”
  • Grape seed oil and Essential oils (linoleic acids) that are antioxidants
How much 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer is in each container?
Each tube of 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer contains 15 ml. Ideally, it is applied twice per day.
How do I best apply 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer?

It is best to apply the product after cleansing and gently drying skin as follows:

  • Shake tube well and squeeze a very small (tear drop size amount) onto fingertips.
  • Lightly pat and gently spread the product onto fine lines , “crows feet” and bags under the eyes. Do not rub product into the skin.
  • Do not over apply as this may result in some residue.
  • Keep facial muscles relaxed, remain expressionless and let air dry for 2 minutes.
Can I apply makeup and other product along with the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer?
Powder and other makeup products may be applied delicately after the 2 minute instant wrinkle reducer is applied.

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