Maybe you loved the product so much that you’re super eager to let others know about it while making some extra money promoting it? If you’re at this page of our site, perhaps you had an interest to learn more about joining our team of Brand Ambassadors.

First off, if you’re like me, you could easily first be asking something such as,
“What the heck is a Brand Ambassador?” Sounds like something of diplomatic royalty to me but in reality, some marketing genius somewhere coined the term and as some would say, “the internet ate it up.”

After all, although until recently I had no idea what it actually meant, I did come across the term in plenty of places.

Here's some familiar questions that can help:

  • What exactly is a “Brand Ambassador?”

    • Fancy words and marketing window dressing aside, being a Brand Ambassador simply means you’re promoting the product and when someone buys it, you get paid a commission. 

      It’s as simple as that …

      … but like most people, I’d want to know a few more things before I put effort into anything so with that, here’s a few more important questions we can think of that can help:

  • Where do I promote the product?

    • I’ve found Roller Discos to be a good place to market but given those places peaked in the 1970s back when I was selling candy, these days there’s one far easier place to do it:

      Social Media. 

      That’s where you’ll likely get the most possible, least effort traction. Sure, it could take some time and you do need to put some effort into posting but Social is where we’d do if we were you. 

      That said, we welcome you to purse any ideas you think could work. 

      (*NOTE: this area is to include 6 small photos to show some examples)

  • OK, I get it, but what would I post?

    • Anything you want that you feel your network would respond to. 

      That’s our best answer but if you’re looking for specific ideas, it can be any number of things such as:

      • Your testimonial: there’s nothing better! Before or After photos, selfie videos, etc..
      • Product shots: we’re developing a portal for our Ambassadors to simply sign in and get everything they need in one place but until that’s ready, just email us after you perhaps enter the program and we’ll send you a bunch of stuff to sift through and possibly use. 
      • Promotion videos such as this one:
  • Sounding decent. How much will I earn?

    • Ah, the big question.

      Brand Ambassadors earn 20% of the product’s retail cost on all sales. 

      If you’re math deficient like I am, here’s an example of how it flows:

      • Retail cost: $49.95. For simple math, let’s call it $50. 
      • Discount to your network (20%): $10
      • Total cost to your base: $40
      • 20% commission: $8 per product sold.

      What that equates to in terms of dollars you can earn totally depends on sales. It could enough for a monthly Starbucks or it can be enough to compete against Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. 

      Who knows? 

      Can’t hurt to shoot for the moon, always helps to think big.

  • Big question: how do I make sure I’m getting paid for all my sales?

    • Big and a great question. 

      I’d think of that one for sure (and thus the reason we’re including it). 

      So, the way it works is, you sign up for the program and you’ll get a unique code to offer your network. Typically, it’s your first name + a number, such as for me, it would be:


      Or something like that. 

      When you promote the product, you’ll also be promoting an attractive discount: 20% off the retail price. For your network to get the discount, they’d need to enter your identifier at checkout, such as ALAN12 above. 

      At the end of every week, software automatically audits each Ambassador’s code, tallies up the sales, provides a sales report and sends payment via bank deposit or other choices.

      Of course, a skeptic might think, “I don’t trust a software tallying thing” and to that mindset, I’d simply say you don’t know us personally but please know, the way we see it is that Ambassadors are the life blood of many online businesses. 

      There’s a ton of product out there that you can do this for and it would be extremely short sighted for any company not to recognize this. While there’s likely some shady sites out there that could playing some sort of games with reporting, anyone maybe doing so should take a “Karma” pill and remind themselves that completion is extremely fierce these days. Mess with the goose that’s laying some golden eggs, you’re messing with the gasoline that powers your race car. Do that, you might win a few early laps but it’s a certainty you’ll eventually lose the race. 

      We simply don’t play games and we’re in this not to win a race but rather, to win the world championship and with that vision, we have strict, efficient and thorough record keeping and firmly believe you will be very satisfied with the timelines of our reporting and prompt weekly payments. 

      If we were in your shoes, we’d demand nothing less.

  • Is this MLM of any kind? (Do I need to buy product?)

    • For anyone that doesn't know such a term, it’s not an M&M. 

      I only wish. 

      If you don’t know what MLM is and were maybe were initially mistaking it for M&Ms like I once did, trust me. You’d rather eat an M&M than eat anything that has to do with many MLMs. 

      For those unaware, MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing, and this is not such a beast. 

      Most MLMs require you to buy product on a monthly or other basis. 

      This is not MLM.

      You are NOT required to buy anything. 




      Moving on….

  • Is there ever any cost to me?

    • I always find it somewhat humorous when I hear advertisements that state something to the effect, “Data and texting could cost you something” for doing blah blah blah.

      Sounds like lawyer CYA protecting a company from getting sued because it might cost a consumer something such as 0.0001 of a cent each time they text or something like that. 

      That’s really reaching for it but excluding a cost to post something from your phone or whatever, there is no cost to you and you can leave the program anytime by simply not doing anything.

  • Any other benefits to myself and base?

    • While we are indeed a skin care company, we launched this company with the intention of helping people change their lives. 

      May sound silly and far fetched but we can assure you, that’s no joke. 

      Read our Our Story and especially our blog, also check out our social media posts. 

      With the help of many masters, we changed our lives around and through this company and site, we’re dedicated to helping share what’s worked for us that could be helpful to others. While these other benefits may seem intangible, to us, there is nothing more rewarding and valuable than a good, positive state of mind.

      So yes, while it might sound silly, we’re dead serious on this one. Join our Ambassador team, spread the word and regardless if anyone buys our product or not, attention could wind up helping save some minds.

  • Final question: other than posting, do I need to do anything else?

    • Posting should do it but if you have any other creative ideas, go for it and if you’re not sure about it or need some further support, just email us anytime, we’d be glad to help. 

      As for product fulfillment, returns, customer questions: all handled by us. 

      You only need to promote and that is it. 

      Final word

      If I were you, the questions above would likely cover the important stuff. 

      But I am not you. 

      If you have additional questions we can help with, please email us: 

      If you don’t have further questions and wish to give it a good, honest try, get started below and if you want to “think about it,” think about this:

      A long time ago I took a sales course and recall the main guy saying something such as “anyone saying they ‘need to think about it is merely telling you one or more of many possible things such as:

      • They don’t have enough information to make an informed decision, 
      • They don’t trust you,
      • They need to ask others what they think

      Furthermore, the guy said something to the effect that if you let that person leave, there’s a 20% chance at best they’ll come back, so do whatever you can to close them right then and right now. 

      To that I say, “good luck with that.”

      This is the internet. 

      We’re all a quick click away from being somewhere else. 

      If you want to dive in, great. 

      If you’re not sure, maybe sign up? Get more information, see if it’s for you. If not, unsubscribe off our email list and we promise, we won’t bug you with 10,000 follow up emails. 

      And if you want to ‘think about it,’ go for it. Take as much time as you want. You can always return to us if and when you ever feel like it. 

      After all, we really believe in our product, our customers, the people that work here and especially the spirit of our company and with that, we can only hope you’ll one day share the same enthusiasm we do.  

      So take your time, hopefully you’ll sign up and if you do, welcome to the team! 

      We really look forward to helping you become an ambassador for the long term and we thank you for even considering it!